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About Us

Urgence Portuaire results of 20 years of hard working, innovation and passion. The founders and are known for the excellence of there work and there devotion to respond to requests for clients. Having directed several companies and worked on the creation of new machinery promoting the efficiency and performance of the company, they are in touch with the most efficient technologies on the market.


This company offers emergency services 24h/7 regarding the renting of qualified labour and proper machinery for loading and unloading of railroad stations, port facilities and transport materials extracted of mines. Among the machines that are available, Bulldozer, semi- trailers, floats, wheel loader and stands (crane). We also offer consulting services based on expertise that we have developed over the years.


Based on our desire to meet the needs of our customers, we can now confirme with pride that Urgence Portuaire stands out for it's field of activity by our qualified labour rental service and our rental machinery service. More than ever, we are focused on our mission to become the benchmark for transportand assistance in loading port. To achieve our goals, er rely on three strategical pillars who are for us wages of succes and growth:
-respect the limits establishes and ensure the customers satisfaction troughout the contracts;
-to stand by our adapted machines who are at the cutting edge technology;
-to surround ourselves of the most competent team.
to all our customer, we are proud to say that we put them to the center of our decisions. It is for them that we constantly work on our self-overrun.


Although recently based, Urgence Portuaire is continuously expanding through our customers satisfaction and on it's large capacity of the respons of our shareholders. The company is basicly situated in Trois-Rivières, performs serveral contracts in Sept Iles, Schefferville, Fermont and Gaspé. The high demande in this bussiness activity allows us to be optimist for the futur while respecting the initial values of the compagny wanting to focus on the quality and the skill. Our vision amalgames perfectly the ambitions of the shareholders on the needs identified on the market.